Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the event hours?
Friday, 30 June 2023
Start from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

Saturday, 1 July 2023
Start from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

Sunday, 2 July 2023
Start from 10.00 am – 17.00 pm

Ps : the timing above is only for tattoo contest. For entertainment start from 16.00 pm – 10.00 pm
2Can I get tattooed at the Expo?
Yes, you can. Check out the list of attending shops on our websites or you can directly contact the artist at the event. From there you can view their websites, portofolios, and contact information to schedule appointments at the Expo.
3What methods of payment are accepted at the Expo?
Cash only
4Are children allowed at the Expo?
Yes. Admission is free for children under 12 accompanied by an adult.
5How do I enter the tattoo contest?
So, the organizer will update to regist every booth to join the contest by checking to every booth at 1pm.
You can do the registration about the contest by fill-out entry form: - Contestant name. - Category. - Number of booth.
And every booth allowed to participate the contest per category that we held everyday.
6Is food available at the Expo?
Yes. We have a concessions stand with a variety of drinks and snacks.
7What is a tattoo convention?
A tattoo convention is a gathering of many tattoo artists and collectors who come together to share their artwork and create new pieces. Live tattooing, piercing, and a variety of different forms of entertainment serve as the main attraction, while vendors offer a plethora of goods for sale such as t-shirts, artwork, jewelry, and accessories. Additionally, daily tattoo contests, competitions, music, after parties and performances flesh out the schedule.
8Do I need to buy my ticket ahead of time?
No, you can purchase tickets on the spot.