Single Booth

Price: USD 450 (for 3 days)
What you get and allowed to:

  • A Table, 2 chairs and a trash bag.
  • You can bring a bed or extra table by yourself.
  • A T-shirt event.
  • A charter participants.
  • 3 free pass access (include artist, staff, model).
  • Join the contest/tattoo work for 3 day.
  • You can do promotions by yourself.
  • Work and do tattoo transactions.
  • Selling studio’s merchandise.
  • Decorating booth.
  • Safety box/sharp container.

Rules and Regulation:

  • Bring promotion media ( banner/name cards/stickers ).
  • Tattoo process by SOP (standard operational procedure).
  • Bring your own tattoo tools (include tattoo machine and cable electricity).
  • Do not damaging booth partition/wall.
  • No smoking and vape-ing on tattoo expo area (Indoor Area).
  • Keep clean on booth area.

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