Single Booth

Early Bird Price: Coming Soon | Regular Price: Coming Soon


What You Get

  • A Table, 2 chairs and trash bag
  • You can bring your own bed or extra table by yourself
  • A T-shirt event
  • A charter participants
  • 3 free Pass Access (include artist)
  • Join the contest/tattoo work for 3 days
  • You can go promotions by yourself
  • Selling studio’s merchandise
  • Decorating booth
  • Safety box/sharp container


Rules and Regulations

  • Bring promotions media (banner/name cards/stickers)
  • Tattoo Proccess based on SOP
  • Bring your own tattoo tools (include tattoo machine and cable electricity)
  • Do not damaging booth partition/walls
  • No smoking at Tattoo Expo area (indoor)
  • Keep clean on booth area

Single booth only for 1 Tattoo Artist for 3 days

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